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            eLearning & Training Translation Solutions

            Interactive e-Learning & Translation Solutions for virtual classrooms

            WorldLingo Translations brings you the latest technology in on-line training translation solutions, with eLiveService. You can establish a multilingual learning environment for your students, trainees or fellow colleagues no matter where they are in the world or what language they speak. Whether you are an educational or training facility, a large corporation or a small business organization, we can provide translated e-learning solutions that meet your needs.

            eLiveService - enter the virtual classroom

            This service creates a real-time learning environment, on-line. The learner is in simultaneous communication with the teacher and with the other members of their virtual class. eLiveService allows you to:

            • Communicate on-line with your students/trainees instantaneously (2-way communication in real-time)
            • Address one or more students/trainees simultaneously
            • Allow your students to exchange information and hold discussions
            • Expand your global reach and liaise directly with students in their native language - we give you the power to communicate in languages spoken by over 90% of Internet users
            • Upload documents in a broad range of file formats
            • Use web-cam to enhance the real-time nature of your communication
            • Keep a knowledge base of information and frequently asked questions to provide immediate answers to your students/trainees
            • Cater for students/trainees who cannot attend classes in person
            • Co browse sites or opportunities with your students/trainees
            • Communicate both privately and publicly

            Supported by the latest in machine translation technology, eLiveService will give you 'gist' translations in an instant. If you want more accurate translations, we can even arrange for a professional translator to interpret for you live.

            Quality Translation Solutions you can rely on

            WorldLingo Translations delivers:

            • An internationally proven solution with over 500 sites using the technology, including industry giants such as 'UCLA', ' UIC.EDU', 'France Telecom' and 'the University of Texas'.
            • Scalable solutions - our service will support your growth, as you expand we will meet your changing needs
            • Constantly evolving technology - we remain at the forefront of technology, offering you competitive solutions for your business
            • Smooth integration into your current system - in terms of technical compatibility, security and from a graphical view-point

            State of the art technology

            • Compatible with any platform: Linux, Windows, Solaris, HP
            • Graphical Integration
            • Interfacing with any login system
            • Connection behind Firewalls/Proxy
            • Safety (security - 128bits encoding)
            • Protection of the chat rooms by password
            • Multilingual Interface and foreign character support
            • Real time translations of communications between speakers of 13 different languages

            Contact us

            To request more information about WorldLingo's eLearning solutions contact us today using the form on the top of this page or call us on:


            United Kingdom

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            XML - Revolutionizing Language Translation

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