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            Software Localization

            Complete solution for software localization

            WorldLingo's breadth of resource enables us to provide a complete software localization solution enabling your international customers to interact with your software seamlessly in their own language. We offer guidance and advice at all stages of your project, ensuring a successful delivery of your localized software product, on time and within budget.

            The WorldLingo software localization process

            1. Planning & evaluation

            First we plan the project with you and listen carefully to your needs and clearly tell you what we can deliver and when. We also inform you of any regulatory and cultural adaptation issues that need to be taken into account for your specific project. In addition project engineering analysis, including requirements specification and process definition is provided to the client.

            2. Extracting/re-integrating assets from source software into translatable format

            Once all issues have been identified and resolved in the pre-project consultation phase, using a variety of applications we extract and re-integrate all of the translatable elements for your software product.

            • resource files
            • graphics, images and icons
            • help files
            • read-me files
            • user guides
            • audio
            • packaging
            • warranty cards
            • software licences and legal disclaimers

            3. Testing

            After reintegrating the translatable elements back into your software product our engineers and translators undertake functionality and linguistic testing.

            • Regression testing and bug fixing
            • Identifying localization issues in the client's build environment
            • Taking localized screen shots
            • User interface testing
            • Setting up bug report formats or databases
            • General QA testing

            Localization quality assurance

            Our engineering process is based on a model which includes extensive Quality Assurance procedures. Each software localization project is completed within a consistent, quality-centric framework. Quality and workflow processes can be adapted to integrate with existing client-side environments.? During all phases of the localization life cycle process our management and production teams working from offices in the US , Australasia and Europe, control every aspect of the process through our quality assurance procedures.

            Managing your localized software assets

            Of increasing importance to all companies engaged in software localization projects, is the need to maximize the often hidden 'value' in the translation assets they hold. Tools used to ensure that a software localization process is consistent and accurate can now also provide the means to drive language technology developments that will revolutionize the way in which your localized software and support materials (even your day-to-day business communications) are created and delivered. WorldLingo's translation asset management system enables you to leverage your existing translation assets to reduce the cost of current and future software localizations.

            Handling all software localization needs

            Worldlingo engineers can localize your software product on most platforms including:

            • Microsoft Windows
            • Mac
            • Solaris/Linux
            • UNIX
            • OSDOS
            • OS/2.

            Some of the tools we use include:

            • Microsoft Office suite
            • Adobe FrameMaker
            • Adobe Illustrator
            • Adobe InDesign
            • Adobe Photoshop
            • Macromedia Fireworks
            • Quark Xpress
            • Paint Shop Pro
            • Macromedia Flash
            • Macromedia Dreamweaver
            • Adobe GoLive
            • Microsoft Help Workshop
            • SQL server
            • Oracle
            • Apache
            • Trados Workbench
            • SDLX
            • Déjà Vu

            Why use WorldLingo to localize your software?

            • Expertise, experience & professional trust from performing thousands of translations each day
            • Global organisation with offices in the US , Australasia and Europe
            • Blue-chip client list - AT&T, Sony, Eli Lilly, Belkin, Cadbury Schweppes, Qualcomm, Priceline, Cnet, and Tribal DDB.
            • Global network of over 5,000 professional translators
            • Support for over 141 languages
            • Support for all computer platforms and programming languages
            • High quality assurance procedures
            • Translation asset management system to reuse and leverage your localized translation assets
            • We deliver on promises

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            WorldLingo White Paper

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