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            Desktop Publishing Translation & Localization Services

            WorldLingo's Desktop Publishing Localization and File Translation

            WorldLingo's multilingual in-house DTP team has extensive technological expertise as well as solid typographical experience in character and alphabet languages.

            Working on Windows and Apple Macintosh computers, our studio is fully equipped with a large collection of multilingual fonts and standard word-processing, page-makeup and graphics software. Our extensive management, translation and publishing resources ensure that we can deliver projects quickly, and in the format that you need, hence reducing your time to market.

            Publishing Tools & Formats

            WorldLingo deliver translated technical documentation designed for both on-line and off-line publishing utilizing SGML, XML and PDF formats. The applications include Adobe FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Interleaf,CorelDraw, and Microsoft Office Suite tools

            Additionally, we support most commercial authoring and design applications on both PC and Macintosh platforms: M S Word, FrameMaker, PageMaker, Quark Xpress, Corel Ventura, Illustrator, Freehand, PhotoShop etc.

            MS Word Adobe FrameMaker Adobe PageMaker
            Quark Xpress Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop
            Corel Ventura CorelDraw Macromedia Freehand

            To help convey your visual style to your intended readership we will advise you on design issues and typographical conventions. If you wish us to adapt existing material to work in another language, we make sure that the spirit of the original design is maintained. We can also adapt existing design so as to accommodate layout changes due to language variations, such as right to left reading texts, or pictograms as found in Chinese.

            Qualified native speaking translators

            Our highly skilled professional translators are qualified, bilingual native speakers. They are selected based on their experience and special areas of expertise. Our thorough selection process ensures we deliver a service that meets with your expectations. This enables us to provide you with the highest possible linguistic quality in a current cultural context. Every completed WorldLingo translation is double checked for quality by a proofreader and editor before we deliver the finished document to you.

            Confidentiality and trust

            All WorldLingo translators are bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement. WorldLingo takes confidentiality and security issues very seriously. All translations remain confidential.

            We offer...

            • Fast, accurate document translations available worldwide - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year!
            • Experienced, native-speaking translators for over 141 languages
            • Translation progress reports available, and accessible on-line
            • Translation memory to save you time and money in the future
            • Translation Asset Management solutions to reduce costs and achieve faster turnaround times

            Order your translation online now

            You can get an instant translation quote, submit your document for translation or request more information by using the Online Order form (above right)

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