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            Website Translator Features

            Link translation

            WorldLingo's Website Translator transparently modifies the translated web page so that hypertext links are automatically translated. Image maps, forms and Javascript are also supported. Options to modify links belonging to your website only, or to modify links to other websites.

            User dictionary

            Enables you to specify custom dictionaries to replace words and phrases in your translation.

            JavaScript support

            Tool set provided for using JavaScript on your pages.

            HTTPS support

            Support for translating pages which are secured with SSL.

            Domain security

            Restricts use of your Website Translator to work only on certain domains.

            Passkey security

            Prevents the copying and pasting of your code and hence unauthorized use of your Instant Website Translator through a rotating passkey.

            Data form reverse translation

            Data form reverse translation enables forms on the foreign language version of your website to be automatically translated back into your website source language. For example if a visitor translates your web page into Japanese and and uses a form on that page, the visitors comments are translated back to English as they are sent to you.

            Image localization support

            The WorldLingo Website Translator cannot translate images. However, support is provided for you to specify rules to display localized images on the foreign language versions of your website. This gives the appearance of a localized site and the images will look "as if" they had been translated.

            Skip tag (Do Not Translate) support

            Support for Skip tags to stop certain words and phrases from being translated on your website. By placing Skip tags around sections of your HTML you can prevent sections of a web page from being translated. Useful for address lists, list of publications, legal disclaimers and legal notices.

            Dynamic processing support

            Allows website owner to fully control any part of the low level translation system that handles the translation of their web pages. Enables logical processing rules to be applied to the translation process. For example rules can be written that tell the translation system how to handle text strings in client-side JavaScripts.


            Support for customizing the Website Translator with your own company logo, branding, disclaimers etc.


            WorldLingo provides complete support for:

            • custom look & feel (background color, border color, orientation)
            • custom buttons
            • custom language packs
            • custom advertising
            • custom branding
            • custom translation results

            Test results from the UK's biggest selling Internet magazine report:

            "WorldLingo has the widest range of languages and does the best, often the fastest, job of unraveling foreign websites and phrases."
            Web User Magazin

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