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            WorldLingo helps websites reach global audience

            On-line newspapers will reach larger audiences by using the WorldLingo Website Translator on their web sites.

            The Website Translator is software that automatically translates your website on request.

            Visitors to your online newspaper simply select their preferred language from a list of displayed translation options.

            The languages translated by WorldLingo makes up 77% of all non-English speaking Internet users and the company is the only service that offers comprehensive translations to and from Asian languages.

            Newspapers on the Internet will be able to deliver the news to a wider audience, without the extra work of translating the pages in-house.

            The Chairman of WorldLingo, Phil Scanlan, said the Translation Objects could be used on Websites, without altering its content.

            "It is a simple process to add the WorldLingo Translation Object to your Website," Mr. Scanlan said.

            He said WorldLingo will provide Website Managers with the necessary HTML code to make the addition of the translation software.

            "Now Japanese on-line newspapers, for example, will be able to reach people who have no knowledge of the Japanese language."

            "This will help newspapers reach a truly global market."

            WorldLingo will also send you monthly statements that display a Websites translation profile.

            "Some languages will show significant demand, and these are the ones in which you may wish to consider a professional human translation."


            About WorldLingo

            WorldLingo is a leading provider of integrated, online translation solutions. The company's services range from cost effective machine translation solutions, to professional human translation and culturally sensitive localization. A global network of over 5,000 professional translators produces human translations. WorldLingo also offers unique, real-time translation solutions for two-way email and instant messaging. These solutions make it easy for businesses and professionals to interact with internal and external multilingual audiences anywhere in the world. By combining accurate and cost effective translation, WorldLingo is taking great strides towards breaking down language barriers in the world of commerce.

            WorldLingo produces thousands of translations every day. Clients include AT&T, Sony, Eli Lilly, Belkin, Cadbury Schweppes, Qualcomm, Priceline, and Tribal DDB. WorldLingo is also an official supplier of translation services to the European Union. In addition, Microsoft has integrated WorldLingo's technology into Office XP and Word 2002. WorldLingo is a global organisation with offices in the US, Australasia and Europe.

            For more information: contact WorldLingo

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